Friday, January 27, 2012

Mitt Romney vs. Newt Gingrich: (catch up on current events in the Republican race for president in 30 seconds or so)

Newt "the comeback kid" Gingrich is seemingly soaring to a dead heat with Mitt Romney in Florida

Well, once again proving that is the greatest time saving website on all of the internets, I will sum up what is going on in the Republican race for all of you in a matter of just a few minutes.

Mitt Romney, trying to fend off a mounting challenge from a feisty Newt Gingrich, goes on the attack in the Florida debate.  Mitt takes umbrage to Newt's plan to spend billions or more on a moon base, and tells him "you're fired!" in this clip:

In this clip John King reveals that Newt did not provide "witnesses" to ABC to contradict his ex-wife's version of events, as he previously stated:

However, kids, am I the only one to point out the obvious? What would these "witnesses" know about a personal and private conversation Newt supposedly had with his wife about having an "open marriage" anyway? Seems like that was just a diversion from Mr. Newt to begin with. Not taking sides here. Just stating the obvious.

In other news, former Senate Majority Leader and well respected Republican guy, Bob Dole, is apparently siding with the Romney camp.  Well, long story short (now i am paraphrasing here), but Dole pretty much says Newt is a temperamental dumb ass who wouldn't make a good president.  SEE: Dole assails Gingrich in plea to conservatives – CNN Political Ticker - .  On the other side of the coin, Rush Limbaugh and Mike Reagan rush to Newt's defense, at least on some issues...SEE:Mike Reagan, Rush Limbaugh Blast Romney ...

Well, earlier in the primary season we saw Glenn Beck insult Newt by calling him a "progressive", and giving Mitt a tepid endorsement saying, “If I had a gun to my head, I'll vote for Mitt Romney.”  No, seriously,...he meant that in a good way.  Also, during the South Carolina contest we saw tea party hero Sarah Palin endorse Newt.  All of which is very confusing. 

The fact of the matter, if you look at the careers of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, AND Barack Obama...they really have not been that far apart on the issues.  But now teams Mitt and Newt want to bash each other over the head about who is more "conservative."  When we get to the general election, the nominee will want to make themselves look more all inclusive, and less extreme...and that's the way the crazy game goes.

Anywho, I still think the nominee will be Mitt Romney, because the Republican party always nominates the person who's "turn" it is, to run...McCain, Dole, Reagan etc.  Having said that, maybe Mitt just duped me into thinking it was his "turn" because he has been "running for president for 900 years" as Don Imus said...and I have mistaken his persistence for high standing in the Republican party.  Welp, we'll see how it goes...

The plot thickens.

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