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Katy Perry's new video "Wide Awake" is out; Who is this "OVERLY ATTACHED GIRLFRIEND GIRL" girl??, News of the WOOOOOORLD: (Assange Takes Refuge), Gifted But Twisted Re-visited, first ever edition of "Hitler Asks A Question"

Friday accordion gif (creator unknown)
Well, hello again, ladies and germs...there is good and wonderful news because Katy Perry's new video "Wide Awake" is now out, and most normal humans are excited about it.

Ok, then...I hope you enjoyed this Rebecca Black's "Friday" accordion playing gif (to your left).  Now,...let's learn a little bit more about this new Katy Perry video...

Katy Perry "Wide Awake"

Katy Perry in "Wide Awake"

"Wide Awake" is the final chapter in the current fairy tale which is all the stuff Katy Perry has been doing lately.  In the video Katy Perry passes through some kind of cosmic labyrinth, and is magically reunited with the child version of herself.

Katy Perry "Wide Awake" gif

And so to celebrate the release of this new video I have created this Katy Perry "Wide Awake" gif.  Welp, I guess it is a bit of an overstatement for me to claim I "created" it.  I didn't build a magical labyrinth and then somehow convince Katy Perry to wander through the maze so she could meet up with the little girl version of herself from the past....but I think you know what I mean.  On that note, I think it is time for me to stop needlessly chuntering so you all can watch the video.  I think you will agree with me the special effects and visual imagery are dazzling.  Sooo, here it is:


"OVERLY ATTACHED GIRLFRIEND" gif (via glitchscience)
If you are like me (which you probably aren't) you have been seeing this face absolutely everywhere lately.  Evidently, this young lady's name is "Laina" (or that is what she goes by on the internets) and she is the star of the 'OVERLY ATTACHED GIRLFRIEND" meme.  

"OVERLY ATTACHED GIRLFRIEND"  meme via (overlyattachedgirlfriend.tumblr)
Are you getting the idea?  She's a girlfriend who's overly attached.  When I first saw this meme I thought something like this out loud in my brain:  "Oh dear. This poor girl's ex-boyfriend is on a mission to turn her into an infamous internet meme to get revenge."  But, luckily that's not how the "OVERLY ATTACHED GIRLFRIEND" meme came about at all.  See the accompanying video below:

And so it was this Justin Bieber fan video (simply entitled "JB fan video") that "Laina" made which catapulted her to these insane Bad Luck Brian like levels of fame.  It also appears this pony had  another little something else special in her Hermione Granger bag of tricks as she has followed up "JB fan video" with CRJ fan video
a Carly Rae Jepsen fan video.

News of the WOOOOOORLD (to keep you informed)!!!

Here at I always strive to bring you the news stories that the mainstream anti-Rebecca Black media can not, or will not pay enough attention to...and today is no different.

yes, the corporate "mainstream" media thinks that Dwight's problems are more important than yours
So in the IMPORTANT news,....briefly, here is what's going on .

Julian Assange requests asylum

Following my advice in my legendary article NEWS OF THE WOOOOOORLD: Julian Assange Speaks to stay the hell away from Sweden, yesterday Julian Assange requested political asylum from the Ecuadorian government, and is now in refuge at Ecuador's embassy in London...  and here is the absolute latest in the video below:

"Six Pack"  by Gifted But Twisted (re-visited)

Gifted But Twisted's fearless leader?

Despite their very best efforts, Gifted But Twisted, the hip-hop group out of New England featured here in my excellent article "Six Pack" by Gifted But Twisted (WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS MUSIC VIDEO???), and the Decline of Western Civilization (there must be something that can be done...), ALSO Happy Balloons (starring Andy Milonakis); BUT FIRST...someone actually listens to me for once, is coming to terms with the harsh reality that there is more to becoming famous than writing a really bad song, and dancing around with scantily clad girls.  At this hour, the lavishly produced "Six Pack" video sits in relative obscurity, nearly 10 million views behind the 2 vids OVERLY ATTACHED GIRLFRIEND girl made, staring creepily into her laptop's webcam.

"Unsuccessful Troll is Unsuccessful" (created by an uknown genius)

But to be fair to these crazy kids who hail from Maine, my in depth investigations revealed that they actually do have talent.  Since it was Paul McCartney's birthday this week, why don't you check out their version of "Obladi Oblada" by the Beatles:

Hitler Asks a Question

Now it is time for the unveiling of an exciting new segment, I like to call "Hitler Asks a Question."

Hitler: "Are they Morphin Rangers?!"

Ok, so Hitler's question is:

"Are they Morphin Rangers?!"

and the answer:

I can only assume Hitler is referring to Gifted But Twisted, as I can see absolutely nothing else in this article that that question could possibly pertain to.  And no Hitler, they are not "Morphin Rangers."  Their myspace page describes them as  "a 4 piece punk/comedy/hip-hop band from Maine", ( and if that is incorrect, then they need to update their information!

That will end our journey for today.

Stay classy Chicago,...

And please remember to support your local zoo.

Peace out.

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