Friday, June 7, 2013

Selena Gomez pulls a gun in "Getaway", Miley Cyrus gets a line in the bathroom in "We Can't Stop", and Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran miniaturize themselves in "Everything Has Changed" (also goats, sloths, and David Letterman)

Neil deGrasse Tyson "Watch out!  We got a badass over here!" reaction gif featuring Ashley Tisdale

Welcome back, true believers.  Are you ready for's second badass post in a row?  I don't think that you are.  But anywho, we have an absolute ton of material to cover in this entry, so hang onto your potatoes.  This is going to be exciting...

"SAVE YOURSELVES" kitten says, "GO ON WITHOUT ME."  in this cat/kitten meme I found on the internets

 I don't really know where to begin, so I tell you what we are going to do....

...I will post this week's edition of "Current Events Rodeo Round-Up" (hosted by the distinguished Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves III),...

...and then I will share with you, some of my own delightful thoughts on all the exciting topics the Lord of Fungus covered in his informative report.

So, how does that sound???
evil cockroach "Good.  Good." gif

If evil cockroach is satisfied then so am I.   So without further ado,  here is the latest edition of Current Events Rodeo Round-Up.  (Topics covered include... Selena Gomez and her role in the potential blockbuster movie "Getaway", Miley Cyrus and her potential smash hit and latest single "We Can't Stop", as well as the new video and duet by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran "Everything Has Changed.")

Catie Wayne MIND = BLOWN gif (via
Selena Gomez pulling a gun on Ethan Hawke in "Getaway" gif

O.K.  Let's try to dig into all of this.  These crazy Disney kids seem intent on dirtying up their previously quasi-"squeaky clean" images.  IMHO Selena Gomez is doing it in a better way, with some dramatic roles in major motion pictures that deal with some mature content.

Ya gots to love Miley though.  Unlike Justin Bieber, who is deeply concerned with what the Beliebers think of him, she seems to be throwing caution to the wind.  Every time the Biebs is caught "screwing up" his reaction seems to be,  "Uh ohz.  I made the Beliebers mad.  I better try to smooth this over a bit."  (That is NOT  a direct quote by the way.)  Miley on the other hand seems to take the polar opposite approach.

the "f*ck you!  I won't do what you tell me" cat meme (found on the internets)

Welpers, dear ones, I am beginning to be a bit concerned about what effect this cynical attitude is having on our society.  Case in point this "sloth meme" phenomenon that is sweeping the internets like a great ball of fire...

"chillin' like a villain" sloth meme/gif thingy

What exactly could be cuter or more adorable than a sloth?  The endearing sloth... nothing but purity and sincerity as far as the eye can see.

Then someone had to make that "rape sloth" meme...

When memes collide...  (I was inspired to meld together the "rape sloth" meme and the "goat with guns" meme while viewing's media grid)

I don't know.  I never really found the "rape sloth" internet meme very cute OR funny.  At least our gentle friends the goats have hitherto been able to preserve some measure of their dignity.

the "WHERE'S DEREK??' goat meme (created by an unknown genius)

I think.  Anywho, my regular commenters are probably saying at this point,  "OH GOD, SHUT UP!  OH MY GOD, WHY DON'T YOU SHUT UP!!??"  Welp, I didn't post last week, so I have a lot to cover.  If it is getting on your nerves, just look at the pictures or something.

Actually, I am just covering one more topic (or so), and it is only because I went through the trouble of making this David Letterman "Migraine Boy" gif...

David Letterman "Boy With a Migraine" gif

So you may be asking,  "Why the hell did you make that for??"  Because using my skills as an investigative reporter, I was able to unearth the footage from an old made for TV movie from the 1980s starring David Letterman.  SEE:  Boy with a Migraine  (Actually, it wasn't REALLY a movie.  I guess you could just read the video description if you want to know more.)

mini Taylor Swift and mini Ed Sheeran in "Everything Has Changed" gif

Alright then.  Why don't we end it here, and play ourselves out with a song.  Here's the new video for the duet between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran "Everything Has Changed"...

Once again, thank you all, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!

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