Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chloe Moretz vs. Boxxy Wayne: Boxxy vs. Chloe, the Tale of Two Queens

Well, I have taken it upon myself to put upon...uhhh...myself, the duty to organize in one place, the best of the best of the Chloe Moretz vs. Boxxy Wayne, battle for queenship of the internets...memes, pictures, cartoons etc... all found on the interwebs, so I don't know who to give credit to (unless otherwise noted)..Without further ado, here is the very best of the Chloe vs. Boxxy rivalry... so I salute all of you unknown geniuses who created these...
Chloe Moretz in "Our Deal" music video
"Kill Bill" Chloe and Boxxy by an unknown genius

"If you can't take my word on it then you're dumb," Boxxy.

"Kill Bill" Boxxy vs Chloe parody made by an unknown genius

Boxxy as Obi Wan made by an unknown Boxxy artist
Chloe Moretz as a vampire with poor Boxxy as a victim (creator unknown)
Chloe with Boxxy t-shirt (creator unknown)

 ...and the debate rages on

Chloe Moretz gif. from the Soft Pack music vid

Boxxy cannot be destroyed (creator unknown)

Boxxy speaks to her many admirers

SON    I AM DISAPPOINT  Chloe Moretz version

Boxxy- All You Need is Love (creator unknown)

Boxxy "I Want to Hold Your Hand"


Chloe Moretz and Hellman's (created by an unknown genius)

Boxxy as Gogo from "Kill Bill" (creator unknown)

Chloe Morezt "NOT BAD" meme

Chloe Moretz gif made by an unknown genius from her appearance on NBC

Catie Wayne/Boxxy "NEVER LOVED NOBODY FULLY" made by an unknown genius, based on a youtube vid

Chloe Moretz gif

Chloe Moretz gif

chloe moretz gif

Boxxy gif  raizeil tumblr

hitgirl gif midnightxinparis.tumblr

hitgirl gif  redundancydepartment.tumblr

Boxxy gif

Boxxy heart gif   fyeahboxxy.tumblr

Boxxy gif  deadfishandthelike.tumblr

Chloe Moretz f the police

Boxxy light saber

Chloe Moretz light saber

Chloe Moretz Veronica Night Creeper (Best Coast's "Our Deal" music video)

Chloe Moretz Veronica Night Creeper gif

Boxxy and Spongebob

Boxxy crazy hair

lovable Boxxy

She is Boxxy  You see

Chloe Moretz "Serious Business" meme

"I am Boxxy you see"

Chloe Morezt gif

Boxxy vs. the joker   source: needsmorebat.tumblr

Boxxy: "I saw what you did there."

Chloe Moretz WTF meme

Boxxy: "I am disappoint" (made by an unknown genius)

Boxxy "Party hard!" gif (made by an unknown genius)

the many faces of Boxxy (I don't know who created this masterpiece, but they are a genius of the highest caliber)

Chloe with some other queens of internet message boards

anewhopeee is one of Boxxy (Catherine "Catie" Wayne)'s youtube channels

meme made from bodaciousboxxy youtube channel
Chloe Moretz "Haters Gonna Hate" meme
Boxxy on the cover of life (creator unknown)
Chloe loses her sunglasses
Boxxy/Catie Wayne "KITTEN ME" (creator unknown)

Chloe Moretz guest appearance on "30 Rock"

Catie Wayne w/ baseball bat gif

Chloe Moretz FABOOST meme "I love you" gif

Chloe Moretz "Don't Wake the Troll"  (a screencap from "Jack and the Beanstalk" and I wrote "Don't wake the troll" on it..cuz the green guy looks like a troll..heh he...get it?? ugg)

whoever made this is perhaps the greatest genius who has ever lived...

the end

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