Friday, May 4, 2012

Election 2012: OBAMA vs. ROMNEY, the Crusher from Kenya vs. the Mormon Masher (IT'S ON, BABY!!!!!!!!)

One can sense that the typical America voter is feeling apathetic, and a bit depressed about what may be once again, a choice between two candidates who for the most part want to maintain the status quo. 

Even well paid news anchors, have about had it up to here, with the political b.s. that has been floating around the current events toilet bowl.

Boxxy's WTF face
"Politics is weird...and creepy," Shep Smith.

When Mitt Romney is even giving FOX News the heebee jeebees, that does not seem to bode well for his campaign.  Usually the Democrats are the ones that nominate the aloof, elitist, ivy league, Mr. Smarty Pants candidate.  The Republicans (at least recently) have adopted the Karl Rove strategy of nominating the candidates the average American citizen would want to sit down and have a beer with.  But this time, they've nominated a man who can't even sit down and drink a coca-cola with us (because it's against his religion), much less a beer. 

how Karl Rove views us

Yes, it seems that Mitt Romney has even made President Obama look cool compared to him.  And Obama's campaign strategists have wisely capitalized on the fact he is the more likable candidate.

the wisdom of Yoda-Obama

Has anyone noticed all the pro-Obama pictures, and memes that have been popping up across the internets...painting Obama in a positive light, as a smooth, hip, happenin' dude.  He's not only cool, but he's your pal too.  Someone who you'd like to sit down and have a cheese burger with a spicy dijon mustard with.

lovable Obama wants to give you a pony

President Obama wants to bring you donuts

President Obama likes to horse around

President Obama is a super hero

President Obama on the Jimmy Fallon Show being smooth, cool, and funny all at once

President Obama watches Beavis and Butthead and wants to do his Cornholio impersonation for you (via aikoheiwa-tumblr)

All brilliantly crafted, political propaganda.  Don't you like President Obama just a little bit more after seeing those?  But here is the gorillion dollar question...  is just liking him personally enough to get people to get off their rumps and go vote for him again?


And with that we will end today's entry. Once again God bless you, and thank you for your support.

UPDATE 2013:  Steven Spielberg's "Obama" (ft. Blackbelt Jones)

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