Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Celebrate Christmas with Hitler and Abraham Fungus Jr.!

CHRISTMAS SUCKS: When you come out of the bathroom, and Hitler has stolen your seat (via the internets)

Merry Christmas, kids.  Well, as you know, true is Christmas,  so I thought it would be a good time for another one of my Adolph Hitler posts...

Hitler gets lost animated gif (see Hitler's Christmas)

Anywho,  it was my original intention for Lord Throckmorton Fungusleaves and myself to produce another episode of my series "UNTRUE HITLER STORIES" for my youtube channel (which by the way has been a completely dismal failure of a youtube series so far).  But the Lord of Fungus was way too busy with Christmas preparations...

Grinch animated gif (via leavingfootprintsallovertown.tumblr)

Luckily, since the presidential election season is over, former Independent presidential candidate Abraham Fungus Jr. hasn't had a lot to do.  So, he has been making some cool videos for me of late.  They are not necessarily directly related to Christmas,  but they are religious in nature (which probably has a lot more to do with Christmas than 90% of the Christmas mumbo jumbo you see reported by the mainstream anti-Rebecca Black media!).

So, the first Abraham Fungus Jr. video that I am posting for you was a response to the Amazing Atheist of youtube, and the Amazing Atheist's very timely Christmas video "Jesus is a Scumbag."

The Amazing Atheist: As seen on Youtube (via Party9999999 on deviantART)

So here is the Amazing Atheist's video "Jesus is a Scumbag!"...

...and here is Abraham Fungus Jr.'s response to the Amazing Atheist.

Being that Abraham Fungus Jr. is not only my top news & politics analyst, but also my End Times biblical prophecy expert, I asked him if he would mind doing me a vid on the "end of the world" issue as well.

Nostradamus predicts the end of the world "Gangnam Style" meme (via the internets)

Then I came across a video by William Tapley (aka "the third eagle of the Apocalypse" and "co-prophet of the End Times") who hosts a show called "Revelation Unraveled."  When I viewed Mr. Tapley's video "The Antichrist Arrives Gangnam Style", I felt it was important that Abraham Fungus Jr. produce a response video as soon as possible, or before the Second Coming of Christ (whichever came first).

So here is William Tapley's video "The Antichrist Arrives Gangnam Style!"...

...and here is my Biblical prophecy expert Abraham Fungus Jr.'s response to "The Antichrist Arrives Gangnam Style!"

Welp, dear friends.  That is all the amazing new Christmas content I have available for you today.  Once again, Merry Christmas, and please remember to support your local zoo.

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