Friday, January 25, 2013

AMERICAN IDOL EXPOSED! (Taylor Swift and Darth Vader are also discussed)

"TODAY HAS BEEN RUFF" dog meme (via the internets)

Hello again, true believers.  I have not posted in awhile.  I had a very tumultuous week.  But hopefully things have settled down now, so let's get on with this thing we call "blogging"...

Well, we will be talking about something I have not talked about in this blog for a very long time.  A little television showgram called "American Idol."  The reason I have not talked about it, is my t.v. is broken, and I have been too lazy to fix it.  But luckily, thanks to a little thing called the internets, I no longer really need a television set.

But let's get to the point.  For many people, the charm of the show "American Idol" had to do with the supposed spontaneity of the show.  The many people who would show up to audition, who believed they were great...

...who were perhaps, not so great.  And then always, there was a possibility of discovering a diamond in the rough.  But lately, it appears more obvious than ever, that the fix is in, as far as the choosing of who gets through and who doesn't is concerned.  At least according to Sean Klitzner, who believes he has proven "American Idol" is fake.  (Psssst... This video is kind of long, so if you are short on time, skim it, and go to the next video in which Abraham Fungus Jr. will give a quick rundown on it's contents, and then completely set the record straight.)

And now, here is former Independent presidential candidate Abraham Fungus Jr.'s response, in which he completely sets the record straight...

Alright then, I think that was all pretty self explanatory, so I won't add anything to it.  Instead let's move on to our next topics...

Taylor Swift is dating Darth Vader meme

Anywho, when I made this next video, it was very timely (right after the People's Choice Awards).  Maybe it's not quite as timely now...  but it's amazing entertainment value is still relevant.  So here it is:

Perhaps, it is kind of pathetic that I am relying so much on Taylor Swift news in my attempts to entertain you all...

Taylor Swift "PATHETIC" gif (via the internets)

...but I assure you that this next video, though it has nothing to do with Taylor Swift...

Winnie the Pooh home run derby gif (via the internets) a home run!  The vid concerns the original voice of Darth Vader.  (No, it wasn't James Earl Jones.)  Welp, I won't tell you who it really was here.  I want it to be a surprise, and I want you to watch the video.

Okay.  Just a little bit further to go on our journey today, and I will let you all go back to whatever you were doing.

We will simply conclude with a tradition here at , the "Song of the Day"...

Disco Bill Cosby

Disco Bill, play us out!

Boogie on Your Face by Bill Cosby on Grooveshark

Once again, thank you all, and please remember to support your local zoo.

Stay classy, Chicago!

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